The Palm Restaurant steakhouse

840 2nd Avenue, New York, NY, 10017
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Steaks, American, American, Seafood

Expense Account Diners, Business Dining, Private Parties, Memorable Experience, Premium Wine List, Dress Code: Men's Jackets Required, Credit Cards Accepted, Lunch

The Palm Restaurant - New York

The Palm Restaurant originally started off as an Italian eatery in 1926 when owners and Italian natives Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi wanted to pay homage to their hometown of Parma, Italy. When customers requested steaks, they had to run to a nearby butcher's shop to keep their customers happy. They eventually, of course, put steaks on the menu and the restaurant soon became known as one of New York's best steakhouses. The menu showcases classic Italian dishes, steaks and chops and seafood.

The Palm is still family owned, with multiple locations across the country--and globe. Located right across the street from the flagship restaurant, in 1973 Palm Too was just the third restaurant to open after the original. Initially, it opened to take the overflow from the first Palm, but Palm Too has gained its own loyal following.